New customers receive 10% off of any regular shared hosting plan. Use coupon code: "gohytek" when placing your order (we cannot modify an order after it has already been submitted to include this coupon code).

      If this coupon code is used in conjunction with any other offering, your order will be removed from our system. If current customers wish to receive this offering they may do so by signing up for a new account (we cannot modify pre-existing accounts). Please note that the billing amount will remain the same as long as you are a customer and do not upgrade your account (for example, we do not just give you 10% off your first month, but rather 10% off each month if you are on a monthly billing cycle -- yearly payments are discounted at the time of purchase and the billing amount will be the same when payment renews one year from your original order date). Lastly, please keep in mind that the discount applies only to the plan iteself and not any addons or domain purchases.

This special offering will only be available for a limited time.

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